Touch Points: 8 July, 2021

Don’t paint over the cracks

The return of lockdowns has also meant an uptick in uncertainty and anxiety for many, especially young people. It’s healthy and important to acknowledge the disappointment of holidays, paid work and other opportunities being missed.

To foster connection in challenging times, resist the temptation to shut down negative talk. Letting yourself and others feel without judgement actually makes strong emotions easier to manage and move through.

Resource highlights

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Mental Health Online
Developed by Swinburne University researchers, Mental Health Online offers interactive mental health support tools and courses free to all Australians. Why not take  just 15 minutes and try the new virtual reality mindfulness practise? (no headset required). READ MORE…


eheadspace provides free online and telephone support and counselling to young people 12 to 25 and their families and friends, nationwide. For find out more about the service, or to access the extensive resource library, click here.


Iris Foundation is dedicated to early intervention as a means to preventing poor mental health and suicide. If you or someone you know needs urgent assistance, please contact one of the services listed below. (Click on the images to access more information.)

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