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“Resilience is not what happens to you, it’s how you React to, Respond to and Recover from what happens to you”

– Jeffrey Gitomoew

Proudly facilitating Mental Health First Aid Training and pioneering Resilience First Aid Training across Australia.

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Reframing the value of Resilience

Reframing resilience in today’s world means recognizing that it is not just about bouncing back from tough times. It’s also about being able to adapt to change, finding common ground with others, and prioritizing our own well-being.  The continual challenges we are all experiencing both locally, nationally and on a global level have left their mark.

9 out of 10 Australians are below the protective range of resilience, putting them at higher risk of depression and anxiety.

We can ALL take action to prevent mental health issues from increasing, to protect ourselves and future generations. The fundamental key is resilience skill building and education.  It’s time to reframe the way we think about resilience and recognize just how important it is in today’s world.

It is the single most impactful action we can take – to proactively build resilience as a means to protect mental health and be a positive influence to those around us.  J Rossouw

Resilience Assessment

The Starting Point

Resilience is not just about coping, being tough or pushing through, but rather, it’s a skill and an ability that anyone can learn and develop. Being able to effectively measure where your resilience currently sits will help to give a better understanding of your ability to be resilient and employ resilient skills.

Our certified practitioners use a scientifically validated psychometic resilience assessment tool. Taking just 3 minutes to complete online, this scores relative strengths across six domains of resilience and gives a sound foundational starting point.


Resilience First Aid Starter Training is a 2 hour workshop that offers valuable insights and tools and strategies to:

  • Appreciate mental health prevention strategies
  • Gain awareness and impact of psychosocial hazards
  • Understand the value of supporting resilience in others
  • Recognise when someone needs resilience support
  • Identify strengths and create a resilience action plan
RFAST workshops can be delivered online or face-to-face.

Monday 25th March 2024 : 12pm – 2pm (Face-2-Face)

Thursday 16th May 2024 : 9:30am – 11:30am (Online)

Resilience First Aid starter Training

Resilience First Aid

Resilience First Aid is a mental health certification that teaches strength-based skills to support resilience in others and build meaningful relationships.

The key course objectives include: identifying when others may be experiencing low resilience, developing skills in strength-based and proactive conversations and hold a space for others and yourself to build resilience and move forward.

Upcoming Course Dates

Resilience First Aid Course Available Fully Online

Monday 6th May 2024 : 12pm – 2pm (Blended Online Training)

Monday 3rd June & Tuesday 4th June 2024 : 9am – 4pm (Face-2-Face)

Mental Health First Aid

The 12-hour Standard Mental Health First Aid course teaches adults (18 years and over) how to provide initial support to adults who are developing a mental illness or experiencing a mental health crisis. The course teaches about the signs and symptoms of common and disabling mental health problems in adults, how to provide initial help, where and how to get professional help, what sort of help has been shown by research to be effective, and how to provide first aid in a crisis situation.

Upcoming Course Dates

Wednesday 1st May & Wednesday 8th May 2024 : 9:15am – 4:00pm (Face-2-Face)

Wednesday 12th June & Wednesday 19th June 2024 : 9:15am – 4:00pm (Face-2-Face)

The Resilience Challenge

The Resilience Challenge is a two hour training for young people 15-24 years of age that offers tools and strategies to build resilience skills.


  • Learn about what resilience is and how to build skills to feel better equipped when life happens
  • Hear the facts on why it is important to look after mental health.
  • Your brain matters, why health and fitness is important for resilience
  • Set a challenge and tap into the experience of our team, to build strategies to help reach a personal goal

News & Updates

November 2022 Update

November 2022 Update

Since the beginning of the year, the uptake for Resilience First Aid has been great. Iris Foundation has delivered...

The Resilience First Aid was brilliant, I will be digesting the content for a while but found it relatable, usable and the best training I’ve done.  The content is just so practical that anyone can benefit from it.

Greg Smith
Men Care Too

This course broadens our view of resilience to be a much more holistic one. I found it invaluable to have the results of my personal PR6 assessment so I knew my own strengths and weaknesses…

Vanessa Allan

I started applying some of the techniques and skills I was learning I noticed immediate changes taking place, both in my level of confidence in asking the right questions and knowing how to respond…

Alison Terry

The Iris Foundation did a fantastic job in facilitating this workshop and engaging a very experienced team into thinking more closely into their own resilience and how they can ensure their focus and motivation is on track which will result in better outcomes for our families.

1st November 2022
Family Connect and Support Team

This training was an opportunity for our team to check in with themselves and for me as their CEO to check in with how we are coping as an organisation. Completing the workshop and assessment provides us with an understanding of what resilience is…

Theresa Mason
Central Coast Women’s Health Centre

…Nikki was welcoming and easy to relax with. By the end of the first 10 minutes, I felt like I was in a room catching up with old friends which made it easy and comfortable for me to actively participate in. (Mental Health First Aid)


Once the course had completed I could honestly say, I feel very confident now within my own abilities as a Mental Health First Aider to handle any situation I’m tasked with. ThankYou Nikki Szabo


It is the single most impactful action we can take – to proactively build resilience as a means to protect mental health and be a positive influence to those around us.

–  J Rossouw

About Us

Reframing Resilience is dedicated to enhancing each and every person’s ability to survive and thrive. Our work instils the message to build and hold hope for the future, to develop the skills and knowledge to face adversity, the resilience to overcome challenges and to build connections and a sense of belonging.

We have a team of Certified Resilience Coaches (CReC), Resilience First Aid Trainer and Mental Health First Aid Trainer to support individuals, community and businesses to strengthen mental wellbeing. Our Certification gives access to world-leading peer-reviewed resilience tools, including assessments, coaching resources and a neuroscience-based digital app.

Reframing Resilience is a project of Iris Foundation, a ‘for purpose’ organisation that works to reduce the risk of suicide by facilitating and supporting awareness campaigns, programs and partnerships which enhance community connectedness and well-being.

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