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Resilience First Aid Reviews

The Resilience First Aid was brilliant, I will be digesting the content for a while but found it relatable, usable and the best training I’ve done.  The content is just so practical that anyone can benefit from it. 

Greg Smith

Men Care Too

From the very first training session of the Resilience First Aid, I began to incorporate the learnt knowledge into my life as a natural positive flow both professionally and personally. 

I particularly related to the training of anchoring your mindset to support your wellbeing when interacting with others.  The ALL concept – APPRECIATE, LISTEN and LIFT is a realistic user-friendly approach which I find helps me engage with others mindfully and presently. 

The DRIVEN APP is now a constant in my life which I am grateful for as I can re-set, re-gather and continue focussing on my vision and goals with the reassurance of confidence, self-awareness, motivation and realistic optimism. 

Vanessa Allan

This course broadens our view of resilience to be a much more holistic one. I found it invaluable to have the results of my personal PR6 assessment so I knew my own strengths and weaknesses. The course provided knowledge and resources to show me how to improve these in myself and how to recognise the areas others might need help with and the ways to lift and support them. It is empowering to know we can improve resilience in ourselves and others.  

Di Mooney

I recently completed my Resilience FirstAidRespondercertification.I found the opportunity to complete the training came at the right time for me. I was having difficulty supporting a family memberwho was struggling with some mental health challenges. The training helped me to feel empowered to offergenuine supportand guidance using proven, scientific backed evidence that I could feel confident in using.As soon asI started applying some of the techniques and skills I was learning I noticed immediate changes taking place, both in mylevel of confidence in asking the right questions and knowing how to respond.I was able to lift my family member up and help to shift their perspective and outlook.I have struggled in the pastdoing online trainingdue to dyslexia. Butwith this training I found the learning effortless. The course covers all learning styles and breaks the learning content down into achievable sections that you can work through at your own pace. It feels as though you are having a oneonone personal training experience.The course teaches you techniques to identify the early signs when someones mental health maybe at risk, it gives you proactive tools and resources that you can use immediately and it shows you ways you can care for yourself when supporting those around you.I have taken so much away from this training and I will continue to use the tools and resources moving forward to maintain my mental wellness and to support others.

Alison Terry

Resilience Workshop Reviews

November 2022

Benevolent Society were privileged to engage the Iris Foundation to facilitate the Resilience Workshop based on the PR6. We are so grateful for the opportunity to explore the resilience of our workers as Benevolent Society see their workers as the most important priority in their business. The Iris Foundation did a fantastic job in facilitating this workshop and engaging a very experienced team into thinking more closely into their own resilience and how they can ensure their focus and motivation is on track which will result in better outcomes for our families. We Thank You again from the Family Connect and Support Team Central Coast and Hunter.

Family Connect and Support Team

Central Coast and Hunter

We have found that the past two years have really impacted our team in regards to the amount of change they have had to absorb, the impact to morale and certainty of work arrangements when team members left the organisation unexpectedly and the increasing complexity of client experiences they are having to work with. This training was an opportunity for our team to check in with themselves and for me as their CEO to check in with how we are coping as an organisation. Completing the workshop and assessment provides us with an understanding of what resilience is, and a base line and platform to explore ways to build resilience on the personal and organisational level. Nikki has a great approach to engaging with us and helping us feel ok to reflect and explore.

Thanks again

Theresa Mason

Central Coast Women’s Health Centre

Mental Health First Aid Reviews

Nikki was amazing! As someone who suffers from anxiety, I was quite anxious about attending due to the content of the course and meeting new people. However, Nikki was welcoming and easy to relax with. By the end of the first 10 minutes, I felt like I was in a room catching up with old friends which made it easy and comfortable for me to actively participate in.


Nikki engaged well with participants & could relate on a personal level. A really good teacher. Nikki is an amazing facilitator. Very knowledgeable and was real. Absolutely wonderful and really beneficial.


Nikki delivered the course excellently so that we as a group were engaged, present and involved with the content delivery. Very comfortable learning environment. Nikki was a very thorough and knowledgeable instructor. She gave clear instructions and if there was any part of the course a person was uncertain about, she would take the time to explain things and discuss the topic at hand. I’m very happy I’ve completed the course. I found it very interesting and could relate to quite a bit of the techniques/methods etc in the Manual. So it was very reassuring to know that I was on the right path with the advice and help I gave in those situations. Once the course had completed I could honestly say, I feel very confident now within my own abilities as a Mental Health First Aider to handle any situation I’m tasked with. Thank You Nikki Szabo