Touch Points: 25 February, 2021

February 25, 2021

Leaning in to challenge fear

Many of us love a challenge, mental or physical, that makes us feel energised, focused and completely alive. Yet when it comes to the hurdles we haven’t planned for, we tend to retreat into our fears, lean on our vices and slip into crippling inertia. It’s a natural response to unforeseen hardship, but it’s the choices we make once the initial shock has passed that matter most.

Resilient people are those that tap into their support networks, lean on their family, friends and colleagues, and seek professional help when it is required.

Resource highlights

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This Way Up
A range of clinically tested mental health courses that anyone can work through at their own pace online. These resources are focused on managing anxiety and depression, with practical strategies to deal with specific situations and triggers. READ MORE….


Mental health support during Mardi Gras season
While Mardi Gras rightly focuses on pride, it’s important to remember the additional mental health challenges many members of the LGBTQ+ community face. Fortunately, inclusive support options are improving. ACON has developed a wide range of tailored resources, including low-cost counselling services, while Suicide Prevention Central Coast has a handy list of contacts for local support.


Iris Foundation is dedicated to early intervention as a means to preventing poor mental health and suicide. If you or someone you know needs urgent assistance, please contact one of the services listed below. (Click on the images to access more information.)

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