Touch Points: 22 July, 2021

Choose kindness

It is easy to become attached to being ‘right’, especially in stressful circumstances. Yet choosing to speak kindly and give other people the benefit of the doubt is one of the easiest ways to connect and diffuse tension.

You never know the positive impact a momentary kindness can have on someone else’s day – or your own.

Resource highlights

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RUOK? Everyday Resources
The team at RUOK? has put together a comprehensive set of tools to facilitate conversation, learning and help-seeking around mental health. Everyday resources, tailored for a range of audiences, include videos, written guides and worksheets, learning kits and events. READ MORE…


SafeWork NSW practical mental health coaching
The NSW Government is encouraging businesses with less than 200 employees to access FREE workplace mental health training from registered psychologists. Up to four hours of professional coaching is available, seven days a week from 7am to 7pm, and can be delivered online, over the phone or face to face. Click here to find out more.


Iris Foundation is dedicated to early intervention as a means to preventing poor mental health and suicide. If you or someone you know needs urgent assistance, please contact one of the services listed below. (Click on the images to access more information.)

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