Men’s Day Out A Welcome Respite

February 21, 2018
Iris Foundation is proud to have sponsored the inaugural Men’s Day Out retreat at Glenworth Valley on Saturday, February 17.

The day-long retreat, facilitated by Carer Escapes, brought together eight Central Coast men with one thing in common – they each serve as carers for a loved one. As Australia’s population ages, growing numbers of men are taking on these challenging and often isolating roles. And, as organisations such as Men Care Too have highlighted, male carers need support that addresses their specific needs.

In a peaceful rural setting, attendees at the Men’s Day Out were able to take a break from the responsibilities of their caring role. They went kayaking along Popran Creek and, after a BBQ lunch, enjoyed a drumming session at the water’s edge. Participants also took the opportunity to connect with other men and bond over shared experiences. Many attendees relished the chance to relax and recharge outdoors.

“Kayaking offered an opportunity to harmonise with another person, while the afternoon drumming session allowed the release of pent-up feelings,” one participant said.

“The best parts were being on the river, away from responsibility and anxiety, feeling muscles too long neglected, enjoying companionship, and the deep, mesmerising experience of the drumming”, said another.

Feedback on the first Men’s Day Out was universally positive, and Iris Foundation would like to thank Carer Escapes for providing this invaluable support to local carers.