Touch Points: 8 April, 2021

Change your mind with gratitude

Science has now established that our brains are much more flexible than previously thought. In part, this means we have some control over our thinking habits and the feelings they awaken within us.

One simple but effective way to shift focus from negative to positive is to consciously cultivate gratitude. Writing down three things we are grateful for each day – no matter how small! – connects us with our blessings and helps us draw on our strengths when times are tough.

Resource highlights

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BITE BACK is a six-week mental health fitness program that young people can work through online. Created by experts at the Black Dog Institute, it covers topics like expressing gratitude, dealing with stress and improving relationships. BITE BACK can help teens live their best lives (and maybe win a $50 voucher in the process).


MensLine Australia
MensLine is a free counselling service available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for men seeking advice about issues like mental health, relationships and parenting. Text and video counselling is available in addition to the hotline, 1300 789 978. For more information and resources, click here.


Iris Foundation is dedicated to early intervention as a means to preventing poor mental health and suicide. If you or someone you know needs urgent assistance, please contact one of the services listed below. (Click on the images to access more information.)

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