Touch Points: 21 October, 2021

Don’t forget to play

We encourage children to express themselves through play because we recognise its importance to their learning, creativity and happiness. Why should these pleasures peter out after age 18?

Remember that you are more than your job and the possessions it affords you. Recreation is just as important to your mental well-being as sleep, exercise or a healthy diet.

Life is short. Make time for fun.

Resource highlights

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myCompass is an evidence-based online program that allows adults to create a tailored mix of practical activities to support good mental heath. Created by the Black Dog Institute, these tools are fully interactive, engaging and available free of charge.  READ MORE… 


Making mental well-being a daily ‘check-in’ habit
Looking for ways to make your mental health a priority? Find inspiration with these ‘Six little things you can do for your wellbeing every day’, from national mental health organisation Beyond Blue.


Iris Foundation is dedicated to early intervention as a means to preventing poor mental health and suicide. If you or someone you know needs urgent assistance, please contact one of the services listed below. (Click on the images to access more information.)

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