Dedicated to enhancing each and every person’s ability to survive and thrive through the proactive approach of cultivating resilience.

Resilience is a skill and an ability that anyone can learn and develop. It’s not about coping, being tough or pushing through, but rather, when looked at holistically it is an important mechanism in helping us maintain balance in our lives during difficult or stressful periods and can help to protect us from the development of mental illness.


Reframing Resilience

Previously we believed that resilience was just the ability to ‘bounce back’, which implies returning to the status quo. Life has certainly delivered challenges for us all over the past few years and the reality is that we are in a world of change, our ‘norm’ has shifted.

Rather than wait for the next challenging circumstance to test our resolve, if we shift our focus from re-acting to pro-acting and build our capacity to adapt and respond to stress, we can advance despite adversity and become a force for positive change for those around us.

We can create a movement which makes a real impact on reducing mental illness and suicide rates. It is the single most impactful action we can take.


The Journey to Growing Resilience

We have a team of Certified Resilience Coaches (CReC), Resilience First Aid Trainer and Mental Health First Aid Trainer to support individuals, community and businesses to strengthen mental wellbeing. Our Certification gives access to world-leading peer-reviewed resilience tools, including assessments, coaching resources and a neuroscience-based digital app.

Self Assessment Tool

The Starting Point

Exploring where resilience currently sits will help better understand an individual’s resilience and how to increase it.

The PR6 Resilience Assessment is an advanced and efficient resilience psychometric questionnaire. Through a 3-min online questionnaire, the PR6 gives a score of relative strengths across the six domains of resilience. An instant report gives a sound foundational starting point, highlighting strengths and areas to focus on, thus identifying a path forward to build mental strength.

Coaching / Workshops

Building strengths in ourselves and others enhances resilience to safeguard mental wellness

Our team of Certified Coaches can deliver interactive workshops and coaching online or face-to-face. These can be customised to suit needs and identified areas – e.g. corporate, business, community, schools, sporting groups.

The workshops can range in timing from one hour to one day and provide training in any, or all, of the six fundamental domains of resilience – Vision, Composure, Reasoning, Tenacity, Collaboration & Health.

Our popular Workshops include:

  • Introduction to Resilience – 2 hours online or face to face
  • Vision Workshop – 2 hours, 2 days face to face

Resilience First Aid

Resilience First Aid is a mental health certification that teaches strength-based skills to support resilience in others and build meaningful relationships.

The course learnings include how to spot signs of low resilience in others, learn the language to talk proactively to people in need, and learn skills to build their resilience.

At an organisational level, Resilience First Aid is for organisations looking to provide the best training to their people to build a culture of proactive care.

This is a high-impact course that teaches you practical skills alongside the latest neuroscience of preventative mental health.

Research /Data

Resilience has become a common term and there is widespread confusion as to what constitutes resilience and the process of strengthening it.

Research shows that the timing is right to consider a new approach – View National Resilience Index 2021 HERE. This report analysed trends, illustrating Australians’ changing resilience levels from July 2019 through to September 2021.

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