Iris makes a splash at Raw Challenge Colour Run

November 6, 2019
Iris Foundation was the chosen charity of Raw Challenge Colour Run

 A horde of keen Iris Foundation volunteers were on hand for the Raw Challenge Colour Run on November 2 and 3.

It was the second time Iris Foundation was the chosen charity for a Raw Challenge event in 2019, and certainly the most fun for all concerned.

The notoriously tough obstacle course at Doyalson was awash with colour as dozens of competitors – of a wide range of athletic ability – took off running for a good cause. 

 Iris Foundation volunteers did most of their work in the busy registration area over the two-day event. They also took the opportunity to splash paint on the willing participants, as well as testing out the obstacles for themselves. If the two organisations have one thing in common, its the belief that the ability to overcome challenges effectively is a key element of good mental and physical health.

Thank you to the Raw Challenge team and our dedicated volunteers for a wonderful weekend!