Debbie Gaunt Foundation launched

Iris is proud to support a new local charity, the Debbie Gaunt Foundation. Launched on World Mental Health Day (October 10), the Foundation is dedicated to raising funds to better understand the mental health impacts of perimenopause – the transition during which a woman’s body prepares for the end of her reproductive years.

Founder Craig Gaunt was spurred to action after losing his wife Debbie to suicide last year. Debbie became severely mentally unwell shortly before her death, an episode that has been partially attributed to the hormonal effects of perimenopause.

The Gaunt family has since contributed $20,000 toward a comprehensive online course for doctors about women’s health. The immediate priority of the Debbie Gaunt Foundation is to raise a further $24,500 to assist finalisation of the midlife module of this course.

To find out more about the Debbie Gaunt Foundation, and about the often-challenging effects of perimenopause on women’s health, click here or join us on Facebook.